The butterfly Effect
Private Collection

Peter Weidenbaum reflects on the function of the artist and concluded that the artist as a producer of works makes little sense if there is no social dimension attached to it. This obviously lies in the fact that through his work the artist gives a different vision of reality and thereby enriches the viewer's experience. In his sculpture, a link to the tradition of surrealism is immediately discernible. In his painting this is not so immediately apparent. Weidenbaum films his subjects. As a result, he does not start from a fixed image, but from the registration of a walk. He records a number of images as a kind of synthesis of what was seen during the walk. Just as it happens in memory. He also responds to the movement of the walking camera. He does this by painting impressionistically. Up close, they are abstract images. From a distance very real, or better almost real. After all, in art, reality is always "as if".

This website is linked to the database Peter Weidenbaum A living legacy. In it, each artwork is described and if relevant linked to an exhibition a correspondence or a publication. The physical location of the artwork is tracked through time. This database will result in an online Catalogue Raisonné. The artist versus the artwork, the people around the work, the ideas around the work, the social dimension and context around the artwork situated over time. Welcome and enjoy you visit.