The butterfly Effect
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Peter Weidenbaum (25 July 1968) is a multidisciplinary artist who grew up and studied in Antwerp. He is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Higher Institute of Fine Arts. Currently, he lives and works in the province of Liège, Belgium, and in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. Weidenbaum started as a sculptor, gaining recognition in this field before returning to painting. His permanent installation 'Passing-By,' located in Montgomery Square in the center of Brussels, is one of his most well-known works and is renowned for its unique design and location.

Weidenbaum believes that art can engage in dialogue and address societal issues. He gives his artworks a social dimension, aiming to make the artist an active participant in society. To understand how to transform complex visual information into meaningful paintings or installations that offer insights into the human condition is a question that drives his creative process.

This website is a gateway to the 'Peter Weidenbaum A Living Legacy' database. The database contains information about each artwork, and when relevant, links to exhibitions, correspondences, or publications. It provides details about the techniques used to create the work and its dimensions, tracks the physical location of the artwork over time, and reveals the intricate interplay between the artist and the artwork. The database encompasses the people involved with the pieces, the ideas they convey, the social context in which they were created, and their relevance over time. The online archive currently contains records of 776 pieces and aims to culminate in an online 'Catalogue Raisonné.'

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