Short biography:

Peter Weidenbaum was born on July 25, 1968 in Antwerp. After having established a remarkable body of work as a sculptor, Peter Weidenbaum switched to painting, a medium he originally practiced at the Academy of Antwerp. Weidenbaum's work cannot be inscribed in style elements or constants. Rather, it is an investigation into our visual culture and the materialization of thoughts within the context of art. We look with our brain. That is the starting point of his image research; whether it shows itself in a sculpture, in an installation or painted on canvas. Weidenbaum's work is a reaction to the dictatorship of reality and a search for the metaphysical. In 1993 Weidenbaum goes to the Royal Academy of Antwerp and follows Monumental Arts there. In 1996 he started at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts. In his image research, a cross-pollination arises between animation film and sculptural work. In 1999 he has his first museum exhibition with the installation 'Somebody puts something in my dreams'. In The Stedelijk Museum Het Domein in Sittard, The Netherlands.